Interactive Fiction

Teeth and Ice
It would be mine.
A Raconteur horror piece about a selkie reclaiming their skin. Published in sub-Q Magazine in November 2016.
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You’re doing OK.
A tiny Twine about comfort. Made in April 2016 for the TinyUtopias IF jam.
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Heretic Dreams
They would call what you did heresy. And they would be right.
A Twine about a pathfinder leading their mining expedition to disaster. Published in sub-Q Magazine in March 2016.
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swept up
and she’s drumming her fingers on the wheel and watching you sideways, gaze flickering back-forth-back like she doesn’t know if she wants to punch you or kiss you or eat you
A Twine about blood, violent girls, and the desert. In 2015 swept up was reprinted in sub-Q Magazine.
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Cute Guys (And The Lies You Tell Them)

A series of Twines about someone with secrets and the people they try to connect with.

1: Aquarium
You’re seventeen. It’s dark in here.
Skip school with a cute boy.
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2. Thanksgiving
You’re twenty-one. It’s dark in here.
Meet your boyfriend’s nosy folks for the first time and try to keep your story straight.
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