Baldur’s Gate 2 modding

During our teens, my now-wife and I made NPC mods for Baldur’s Gate II. Modding taught me a lot! I learned about putting work out for an audience, handling criticism, coding and scripting, interactive writing, and making friends online.

Faren Blacknall
Faren is a former adventurer hanging around in Trademeet after his friends were killed in the Umar Hills. He’s easygoing, cheerful and flirtatious. We wanted to make a character who was a laidback ordinary chap. If you like characters who are demonstrative, want a good time and whose romances aren’t serious all the time, you’ll like Faren.

The Luxley Family
With the Luxley Family we didn’t quite know what we were getting into. Two joinable characters? Why not! Incredibly complex custom scripts, areas and kits? Go for it! Sebastian and Andrei are cousins with a family curse; Sebastian is flighty and humorous, while Andrei is serious and loyal. If you like characters who talk (a lot) and tricky decisions to make, you’ll like the Luxley Family.

Nathaniel Aplin-Fletcher
Nathaniel was our first project, and has the honour of being the first gay male romance in the modding community. He is earnest, emotional and just wants to do the right thing! If you like adorable, somewhat overwrought NPC romances with a big bundle of feelings that they just have to tell you all about, you’ll like Nathaniel.

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