Update, and Spring Thing preview

There’s been a whole lot going on and not a lot of time to post about it (not to mention that I wanted to review more IF Comp games than ended up happening – that’ll teach me not to bite off more than I can chew), so have some IF related cliffnotes:

  • I spoke on a panel at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas about interactive fiction where we discussed audience complicity, combining interactive and static literature, and the longevity of digital literature. It was very well-attended and it was great to meet and chat with my co-panellists Saci Lloyd and Kate Pullinger as well as the Creative Writing Anglia Ruskin University lecturers, who were the kinds of lecturers I would have loved to have when I was doing my degree!
  • I did a talk at WordPlay London discussing Sam Kabo Ashwell’s Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games, and moderated a panel on worldbuilding. The British Library was a great space, the conference was super busy, and I got to listen to some great talks and hang out with a bunch of online IF friends who I hadn’t met in person before. All in all a wonderful (though exhausting) day. Fingers crossed that WordPlay comes to London again!
  • I switched from working 9-5 five days a week to four which, although not a magic bullet, has done good things for my health as well as for my writing work.
  • Recently I started a contracted IF project which I’m over the moon about! More on that in future.
  • Aforementioned project is taking up most of my writing time, which means that I most likely won’t be able to enter IF Comp 2017 as I’d hoped – however, the annual IF festival Spring Thing 2017 is nearly upon us and I’ve entered for the first time! My entry is made in Texture, and is a short scifi noir game about a cop whose torch singer informant (and illicit girlfriend) is in trouble. It’s inspired by several Dessa songs, notably Dixon’s Girl and Alibi, as well as, loosely, LA Noire. Below is a little teaser, in the form of the cover art by Irina Goodwin. Keep an eye out for the festival entries when they’re released around the 6th April – it’s set to be the Spring Thing yet!



Teeth and Ice on sub-Q

I have a new piece up on sub-Q Magazine! Teeth and Ice is a horror game made in Raconteur about a selkie reclaiming their skin. It’s fairly lethal, but you may be able to escape with your skin in the end.

This is my first Raconteur game, and making it was a challenging but invigorating learning experience. Do have a look and let me know what you think!

IF Comp 2016: Roundup

Here’s where you can find my IF Comp 2016 reviews! Once the comp is over and/or I’ve reviewed all the games I can, I’ll post a rundown of overall thoughts about the games, standouts and favourites, and all that kind of thing.

Blurb and Cover Mini Reviews: All games

Black Rock City by Jim Munroe
Mirror and Queen by Chandler Groover
Quest for the Traitor Saint by Owlor
The Skyscraper and the Scar by Diego Freire and Ruber Eaglenest
Take by Amelia Pinnolla